Annular Cutter 1-1/2″ Diameter X 2″ Depth HSS


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Annular Cutter

Hermes Premium High Speed Steel Annular Cutters are designed to offer the highest value in annular cutter technology. Made with high speed premium M2AL composite, they last longer, allowing more holes cut per dollar compared to standard annular cutting bits. The free included pilot pin saves the user time and money from having to find the correct accessory pin. Easily discharges metal slugs; Using coolant or Lubricant for better cutting result. Make overlapping holes, slotting holes and edge cuts in various metals accurately, quickly & safely. Unique geometry provides faster feeds, less friction and a smooth hole finish in various materials.

HSS Core Drill Annular Cutter
Material: High Speed Steel M2AL
Use: Metal Drilling
Shank: Weld-on shank with 2 flats – fits most standard magnetic drill presses
Packing: PVC plastic tube, pilot pin included

Depths and Diameters Available

1/2”diameter x 1” depth
9/16”diameter x 1” depth
5/8”diameter x 1” depth
11/16 diameter x 1” depth
3/4”diameter x 1” depth
13/16”diameter x 1” depth
7/8”diameter x 1” depth
15/16 diameter x 1” depth
1”diameter x 1” depth
1-1/16”diameter x 1” depth
1-1/8”diameter x 1” depth

3/4”diameter x 2” depth
13/16”diameter x 2” depth
7/8”diameter x 2” depth
15/16”diameter 2” depth
1”diameter x 2” depth
1-1/2”diameter x 2” depth

Buy 10 or More And Get Free Shipping!


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