Hermes Hardware SDS MAX CHISELS (12 Piece Set 12 & 16″ (Point /Flat /Wide))


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  • 12 pcs SDS Max Chisel Set
  • 3 Pcs – 12 In. Point SDS Max Chisel (18x300mm)
  • 3 Pcs – 12 In. x 1 In. Flat SDS Max Chisel (18x300x25mm)
  • 3 Pcs – 12 In. x 3In. Wide SDS Max Chisel (18x300x75mm)
  • 3 Pcs – 16 In. Point SDS Max Chisel (18x400mm),16 In. x 3 In. Wide SDS Max Chisel (18x400x75mm),16 In. x 1In. Flat SDS Max Chisel (18x400x25mm)

<p>✔ Hermes Hardware offers a full assortment of SDS-max hammer steel points and chisels.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ This SDS-max flat chisel is highly durable and designed for extreme performance.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ The heat-treated steel construction provides strength and durability.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ Premium material – Top heat treated steel with high hardness provides outstanding performance on chipping and breaking bricks, concrete and other masonry.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ Multi -Purpose Application – 12 chisels make you never worry about various daily chipping &amp; demolishing work.&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Point chisel for demolishing concrete slabs, brick, mortar, slate, masonry, and all different types of stones.</li><li>&nbsp;Flat Chisel for removing and drilling edges, chips, scales or channels concrete, stone, masonry and brick.</li><li>Wide Chisel for removing scale, rust, concrete, masonry, brick, and stones or removes large quantities of other tough material.<br><br>&nbsp;</li></ul><p><br>&nbsp;</p>


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