Hermes Hardware 10 In. Point SDS Plus Chisel (14x250mm) Case of 80 Pc


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  • For concrete and masonry demolition
  • Pointed tip
  • SDS-Plus Shank
  • 10-Inch length
  • Hardened steel body for increased durability

<p>✔ The Hermes Hardware 10-Inch Point SDS Plus Chisel for rotary hammers features a hardened steel body and sharpened end that works great for starting holes and for light chipping of basic masonry materials such as tile, mortar and glazing compounds.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ Hardened core reduces breakage; for use in masonry applications.</p><p>✔ Fits all brands of SDS plus rotary Hammers.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ Hermes hardware offers a full assortment of hammer steel points and chisels.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ Hermes Hardware brings innovation to concrete and masonry drilling with increased efficiency and higher durability.&nbsp;</p><p>✔ All Hermes chisels are manufactured with a proprietary heat-treat process.</p>


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