7-1/4” Steel Cutting Chop Saw Evolution


7-1/4” Steel Cutting Chop Saw Evolution

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Evolution’s 7-1/4-inch, TCT, multipurpose chop saw is capable of cutting steel, aluminum, wood with nails in and plastic. This award winning machine is the perfect tool for slicing through rebar, bolt trimming and other small awkward applications. Plus it has the ability to cut through 2 by 4 planed lumber and reclaimed lumber with nails and screws. This saw is an essential tool to any tradesman.

Cuts All
Evolution is a market leader in multipurpose cutting technology. Utilizing this multipurpose cutting technology; this portable chop saw is capable of cutting Steel, Aluminum, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade.

This model is suitable for cutting ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, uni-strut & reinforced cables), wood, MDF, lumber & reclaimed wood (wood with nails) plus plastics & composites.

Cuts cooler
When cutting metals, Evolution blades leave an instantly workable finish and produce virtually no heat, burrs or sparks. This allows the material cut to be handled quickly instead of having to wait for the metal to cool down, as required with abrasives.

Cuts Tile
With this accessory, Evolution saws are the complete cutting package! An Evolution diamond blade enables this 7-1/4 inch compact chop saw to cut most Natural Stone, Concrete, Paving Slabs and unglazed Ceramics with ease.

Cuts Safer
Abrasive blades can create excessive dust, fumes, smoke, fire and can even explode. Evolution blades produce very few sparks, create little heat and are an overall safer alternative to abrasives!

Technical specifications:

No Heat, No Burrs & Virtually No Sparks
No Coolant Required
Pressed Steel Base
10A Powerful High Torque Motor
2 x 4” Cross Cut Capacity
2 x 2” Square Tube Capacity
2ӯ Round Tube Capacity
3 Years Limited Warranty
Quick Release 0° – 45° Adjustable Vise

Weight 9.1 lbs


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