Magnetic Drilling Machine Hermes 1-3/8″ (35mm)


Magnetic Drilling Machine Hermes 1-3/8″

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Portable Metal Core Drilling Machine

Input power: 1550W
max cutter capacity diameter: 1-3/8”
Magnetic adhesion: 14800N
Type of shank: 3/4″
Total weight: 22 lbs
Variable Spindle Speed: 100-520 RPM


Suitable for drilling on any metal surface. This 1-3/8″ magnetic drill press will attach directly to the metal drilling surface with a powerful electromagnet.

Our Magnetic Drill Machine is Easy to operate, the electro-magnetic base is controlled by a flick of a switch to engage or disengage the magnet and drill.

Versatile, accurate and fast, with strong magnetic adhesion, this Magnetic Drilling Machine is an essential tool when performing heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication work; and is suitable for steel structure, bridge engineering, shipbuilding, drilling rig, equipment installation, equipment manufacturing, wind power generation, electric power construction, railway manufacturing and other fields.

Designed and engineered specifically for speed and total precision.


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